Mermaid's Pearl Slots

Mermaid's Pearl Slots

Mermaids Pearl Slots is a fun-loving themed game with plenty of fun fish, turtles and underwater treasure to find. The game is a simple to play design. With bright colors and great graphics, you will find yourself enjoying this game for hours of fun, and perhaps payouts.

The Game Play

Mermaids Pearl Slots is a 20 payline slot game with five reels. There are a few reasons why this particular game really stands out against the numerous other games out there with a similar theme. It has good bonus options, a high payout percentage and excellent graphics that keep you entertained throughout the game. The Wild Symbol in the game helps to make bonuses even more lucrative. The Wild Symbol, a mermaid, equates to a win that is higher than the initial wager. Within the game, your goal is to collect a combination of symbols of like kinds from left to right. The bonus round is where you will find the best opportunities for big payments.

Betting in the Game

Additional features that make Mermaids Pearl Slots fun to play include the free spins, the Gamble Feature and the wide betting range. You can bet low or high. Bets range from 0.02 all the way up to 1.00. This gives you plenty of opportunity to choose what you are comfortable with here. You can choose from three sets of paylines. This includes just five or ten paylines or all 20. Keep in mind that you can play for free if you would like to do so. Virtual stars allow you to play the game without putting any money into it.

Bonuses Matter

In Mermaids Pearl Slots, you will find a number of bonus options. In the game, you will find three, four or five treasure chest symbols. When you open them, you will get the 40, 50, or 60 Free Games Bonus. The potential here for hundreds of free games makes it an alluring feature. Free spins make this game one that you do not want to miss. The mermaid or Wild Symbol in the game allows you to fill in for virtually any other symbol to complete the line and therefore win the payout. You will want to hit the Mermaid's x2 Multiplier feature, which will double your winnings on these games. The Mermaid's Pearl slots offer great graphics and beautiful mermaids luring you into the play. Overall, the game is easy to learn to play.