Under The Sea Slots

There is a great trend that is occuring thanks to the internet that is cimpletely revolutionizing slot games across the world. Companies are looking at the tried and trusted formulas of successful slot games and designing graphically breathtaking games around them. This began several years ago as an experiment, but has caught on providing us with better and better slot games that boast great graphics and are more intuitive than other simple bet and spin slot games! Under the Sea Slots is just that and more! This bubbly slot brings you beneath the tides to a place where mermaids, talking fish, and sunken treasure exists! This game is a great and cheery 3D video slot that is as entertaining as it is enticing!

Major Steps Forward

Under the Sea Slots takes a hint from a Disney classic or two, but this a great thing and adds a new layer to the game than what is already present. Each symbol is beautifully designed and is dynamic as each spin brings in fresh animations that show the symbols swimming around or performing special acts. This is unique to Under the Sea Slots and is an element that other games should aspire to. By interweaving still symbols with animated movements the slot game becomes more interactive and entertaining making spinning the reels more and more engaging! The symbols are under a completely animated background of ocean life complete with waves and light peaking down to the ocean floor. It truly is a sight to behold.

Back to the Basics

Under the Sea Slots offers up to 30 pay lines with a bet from 1 to 5 coins per line and waging options that range from $.02 to $.50 per coin! The pearl serves as the wild symbol and can replace all other symbols across the game and also acts as a multiplier By spinning three sunken ships symbols you will be tossed into free spins mode and find yourself with between 8 and 15 free spisn! A bonus game is offered if you are lucky enough to spin three chest symbols. The mini game brings you to a screen with six sunken chests that each boast a prize. Use your gut and try to find the one with the big pay out!

Under the Sea is where the Fun Is

Under the Sea Slots is a unique and beautifully designed game that will keep you spinning the reels for hours as its gamplay is so enjoyable. With great bonus features and a slick designed, you’re sure to be partying Under the Sea!